entity (without interview)

Running time: 3min 12sec

This version has exhibition footage of entity but without the interview...

You can tickle it. You can massage it. You can punch it. How it responds depends on its emotional state… which depends on how you have been treating it. entity… an interactive computer animated character that draws upon ideas of artificial life, microbiology, neural networks and behavioural models of emotion.

entity is designed to be shown either as a single channel projected work from Mac or PC or on a bank of 3 or 4 desktop computers using headphones. It has been shown using both configurations at once, so that viewers could experience the more public projected version in the main gallery, and then go on to explore the more private version in an adjacent space.

Computer based – Mac or PC. Projected version requires a plinth for the mouse.

John Waller 2002 – 2009.